Kickstart FAQs

Quick easy answers that address your concerns.

How do I purchase a reward?

Please enter the desired amount into the text box, either by clicking one of the rewards, clicking the predefined values at the top of the page, or by using your keyboard. Then click the arrow button to go to checkout. Once there, please enter your billing and shipping information and proceed to checkout with Paypal. If you have Paypal account, just log in and approve the purchase. If you don’t have a Paypal account, they will ask for your debit or credit card information, as well as some basic information to verify your identity for security reasons.

What if I don’t have a Paypal account?

That is fine. Just use any debit or credit card on Paypal’s site at checkout.

Do I need to pay sales tax?

Only if you live in California or Nevada. The tax will be around 8-10% depending where you live.

How is shipping calculated?

Shipping is $10 for 1 product, + $2 for each additional product and + $10 for international.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. This will add $10 to your shipping cost.

Does the price include sales tax and shipping?

The price does not include sales tax or shipping. We will notify you before your order is sent to pay the necessary shipping and tax. Sales tax is only applicable to people living in California or Nevada. And shipping is $7 for 1 product, + $2 for each additional product and + $8 for international.

My package includes products to be selected, how do I send my request?

During checkout, there is a notes section. In the notes, please put the product name you would like, and the quantity for each.

What if my order doesn’t go through with Paypal?

Please contact us and we will assist you to make the process easy.

Is it safe to purchase through this site?

Absolutely. This site is SSL secured, uses the latest anti-malware and anti-hacker technology, and is updated weekly. Furthermore, we will not receive any card information. Your card information and any other payment information will be executed through Paypal, on their site. Paypal is the global leader in secure online transactions and guarantees your purchases against fraud, so you can be sure that you will get what is promised to you.

What are you going to do with my information?

We only keep your name, address and email so that we can notify you about the products, important updates and send the products to the correct person at the correct address.

When do the products ship?

The products are in production now and are scheduled to ship August 2019.

Are the products really never going to be on sale again, or is this just a marketing trick?

No. We promise that the products will never go on sale again. This is your first and final opportunity. We cannot make a profit at this price. We are doing this for 3 reasons.
1. As a gift to all those who supported us during development and were involved.
2. It helps pay back our immediate costs of mass producing 5 products.
3. More people will try the products, and so far people have often purchased again multiple times, so it made up for the losses.
4. We want to see what happens.

What if I want to support the cause for mental wellness, but don't want to buy a product?

That is great! We invite you to take two actions, one is to download the whitepaper on how to get involved here. The second, if you feel called, is to make a contribution by making a pledge of $10. It is currently set as the first reward.

What if the project isn’t fully funded, will I still get my product?

Yes. Your purchase is as good as any other store. The products are already in production right now, and will be available in August.

Can I buy a product for a friend?

Of course. Just put your friend’s name and address in the shipping section at checkout.

Why is this kickstart project not on Kickstarter or some other crowdfunding site?

The first reason is that most crowdfunding platforms do not allow health products. The second reason, is that we find them horribly inefficient, use ineffective communication tools, and a “cookie cutter” solution to something that we believe doesn’t fit into a cutter.

Do you have any other products?

In addition to the 5 products mentioned in the kickstart campaign, we have about 12 more products that have been developed, each with the guarantee that they will be the most effective in the world in their respective category. However, these will take much time to develop as there are many logistics to figure out, as well as laws, regulations, and slowdowns caused by the patenting process. Stay tuned as we will try to roll out one new product each year.

What is the effectiveness guarantee?

The guarantee means that if you find another product that is more effective than any of our products in their respective category, and you can give us some logically sound (scientific) reason as to why, then we will give you a full refund on your purchase. So basically, a $130 incentive to help us find inspiration 🙂

Why is this even important?

We are changing the way we use Earth’s medicines to heal and live better. If you step back and think about it for a second, this is quite monumental, but at the same time slow moving and incremental. Many health companies have their own approach to this, but when it comes to our specialties, we can ask, why isn’t there anything out there as effective at giving people results as what we have developed?

What are nootropics?

Nootropics in summary are a group of supplements known to have 2 key properties: 1. They must promote better functionality of the brain (ex: cognition, memory, neuron repair, etc.) 2. They must be healthy long term and pose very little to no side effects.

Are the cannabinoids in the products legal in my area?

Yes, the cannabinoids used are legal in every US state and country. We source them from various cooking spices and trees that one might find already in their grocery store.

What if I am vegan?

All our products are vegan friendly. We double checked the production sources of every ingredient (including the capsules) as to not have had any involvement with any animal or their byproducts. Why put in so much work to make great products, and skip out on the details?

Do the products have any addictive properties?

No. The products are not addictive in any way. Even for those with addictive personalities will find things like Thriiv much less easy to get addicted to than say coffee, because coffee lifts you up, and then crashes, whereas our products are designed to keep you from crashing.

However, please keep in mind that all Nootripure products (except Longevii) should not be taken every day. Really any supplement that changes how you feel such as coffee, soda, cigarettes should never be taken consecutively. Our products include instructions as to how to “cycle” their use. Some customers take our products like Thriiv every day because they say it works better for them, but we don’t advise this for best health practices.

When is the best time to take Thriiv?

Definitely in the morning. Unless you have a night schedule. The rule of thumb is at least 12 hours before bed time as Thriiv is stimulatory and lasts for about 12 hours in total with most of the effects being gone by 10 hours. We suggest taking with breakfast, or a small snack to be easiest on the stomach.

How long does Thriiv last?

Thriiv’s primary effects last about 10 hours with a drop off to 12 hours. The secondary effects of improving the health of your mind keep lasting until one does something to undo the healing that Thriiv provided such as drink alcohol, soda, eat sugar, processed food, or other unhealthy habits that ruin mental health. Over the course of a month’s use of Thriiv, one should notice that their mind is more clear on a daily basis.

Will Thriiv keep me up at night?

If you take it more than 12 hours before your bedtime, expect it to keep you up.

What if I get a headache from Thriiv?

Usually this is due to one of 3 reasons. First is dehydration, second is because you took too much (some people have to take a quarter or half a pill including people on our team), and the third, interestingly enough, is because the mind is trying to remove neuromuscular stress or is releasing toxins. These are things your brain does to heal, so sometimes when healing the brain it can cause headaches. They give this warning on most detox products for this reason. Thriiv isn’t specifically designed for detoxing the brain, but it can happen to some people. Those are the three reasons we have found to be most popular, however there are other reasons, especially in those with deficient digestive systems. If you are experiencing this and are curious as to what is going on, please contact us. If your stomach pain is serious, please see a doctor.

How is Thriiv different from other top “nootropics” products?

We love this question. And our favorite response is “it is different in how you feel, think and perform.” We have designed Thriiv, a combination of adaptogens, cannabinoids, nootropics, and herbs to be more balanced and effective than nootropic products. But just because we make something that is more “effective” doesn’t mean it will work best for you. So we encourage you to try Thriiv, try other products, and find what works best in your life.

The one thing we want to caution you about is to avoid is trying to buy the nootropics one by one and perform chemistry experiments on yourself, unless you have an extensive amount of knowledge in neuroscience. We have had many people come to us after having done this, causing semi-permanent damage. Now they not only need a cognitive boost, but now they need to undo what they just did! Not only this, most have spent over $1000 trying different powders to see what works, as there are many articles across the internet claiming just about every nootropic is going to be the cure all. But the reality is balance, this is why there are so many nootropic stack companies. If you want to be safe with your mind, our advice is try Thriiv, then compare to the nootropic stack companies if you feel like you want to explore.

Can’t I just get the ingredients and make my own Thriiv?

Sure. We wrote an article with instructions on how to do this. Plus, we have people in the community who have tried it. In summary, each of the people ended up with a headache because they didn’t follow the article exactly, and rather tried taking shortcuts. When they realized that they couldn’t take shortcuts, they ended up spending over $100 more than Thriiv actually costs for the same amount, possibly for this reason. And by the end, it didn’t give them the same balanced feeling because they don’t have Accuvii nano-delivery technology. So you can make anything you would like, we will even help you. Or if you like simple and cheap, we can just send it to you. Your choice.

What is the best time to take Rejuvii?

About 30 minutes before bedtime.

What is sleep better and what does it have to do with Rejuvii?

Sleep Better is the program that goes along with the Rejuvii supplement product. We don’t believe in giving great products to our customers. It sounds great to investors and for marketing purposes, but in reality, we are purely focused on results. And to deliver the best results, we need to deliver products that are utmost effective, and come with the education so that you can best use them. For example, just because we put you in a lamborghini, doesn’t mean you will be the fastest driver in the world. The Sleep Better program is a comprehensive and equally effective program that teaches how sleep works, how to implement sleep practices, and how to optimize one’s sleep with the Rejuvii product. Once purchased, you will have access to Sleep Better in your dashboard. There is also a summary of Sleep Better in the booklet in the Rejuvii box for the computer illiterate. These two together are what is going to make immediate resolution and lasting change.

Is this product going to make me groggy in the morning?

No. Rejuvii is designed to work quickly and briefly. Rejuvii’s target time is 7-8 hours and all effects will be gone after that. It helps the brain repair itself quickly so that you can feel more awake in the morning with the same amount or less sleep.

Does rejuvii make you sleep longer?

Not necessarily. The target range is 7-8 hours. For people that are used to sleeping 9+ hours, it will help you feel more refreshed in less time. For people who sleep under 7 hours, it will help make sure your brain and body go through the necessary cycles to get a full night’s rest.

Does Rejuvii help with people who tend to overthink before going to bed?

Yes. One of it’s primary functions is to calm the mind and organs. Overthinking is usually caused by irritation in the stomach and/or gallbladder. Rejuvii helps resolve this.

Is Rejuvii just melatonin and calming herbs?

No. There is a little melatonin and a few calming herbs in the formula, but they represent a small portion of the total actions that Rejuvii does. Rejuvii actually has about 6-12 different functions or steps depending on how you count them. Melatonin and the “calming” are only 2 out of the total 12. This brings rise to why many people don’t sleep well even despite their melatonin tablets and their sleep time teas. If you are that kind of person, then Rejuvii is for you.

How is Rejuvii different from other holistic sleep solutions?

Rejuvii facilitates the mind through a series of processes that it needs to repair and regenerate. It is also targeted towards the effectiveness range of 7-8 hours whereas many other solutions will try to make you sleep more. But people don’t need more sleep, they need better sleep. Rejuvii is for maximum effectiveness.

Is Pashiin safe for both men and women?

Yes. Wendy, the neuroscientist in charge of the final evaluation for the Pashiin product has written an article about this you can find here.

When is the best time to take Pashiin?

Pashiin takes about 30-50 minutes to fully absorb. Furthermore, it is better absorbed when eating some kind of fat with it. Preferably warm. So for example, when you wake up, you can take pashiin, eat something with eggs for breakfast, and be in full effect by the time you’re done eating. Or you can take Pashiin before dinner, eat something with fat in it, as most dinner meals do, then by the time you’re done eating it will be in full effect. If you already ate, chocolate, or even chocolate dipped strawberries could be a great addition that work well with Pashiin. These are just a few ideas, but really you can take Pashiin any time. However, even though Pashiin is caffeine free, we suggest taking Pashiin at least 3 hours before you fall asleep, as the feeling for some can be too intense to fall asleep during the peak time. Some will have no issue falling asleep right away, but it depends on the person.

Is it okay to take Pashiin when drinking alcohol?

Absolutely not. Be very cautioned that you should keep the two very far apart, or else it will cause serious side effects. This isn’t a maybe, it is certain you will feel horrible if you mix Pashiin and alcohol. Why would one be drinking alcohol when trying to improve their neurological health anyways? Our hope is that when you feel the benefits of our products, things like alcohol will no longer become necessary. Need connection or that emotional spark? Pashiin has you covered. The only things you will miss are lack of judgement, disorientation, mumbling, making bad decisions, dehydration, and hangovers.

Will I be able to sleep after taking Pashiin?

Some people may experience difficulty falling asleep in the 3 or so hours following the ingestion of Pashiin, so it is best to take well before bed time as to not interrupt one’s sleep. Also, to better ensure that you get a good night’s rest, consider taking a look at Rejuvii.

What if Pashiin doesn't give enough energy?

Great. There are plenty of ways to increase energy; yoga, exercise, green tea, chocolate, coffee, or even our energy product Infinergii.

Can you take Pashiin while on SSRIs?

One of the ingredients, called “Rhodiola Rosea” is a weak-medium strength MAOI which conflicts with SSRIs, so keep that in mind. If you are on any medications, then please bring this up to the doctor (preferably the one that prescribed you the medication) before taking Pashiin.

Will Infinergii make my endurance better?

To a certain extent, yes. But once over the half marathon limit, it can actually make endurance worse as it speeds up your body, using up critical resources faster. For the first hour in an endurance event, one will feel “enhanced” but it would be at the risk of depleting energy stores too fast. The only consumable that can actually improve endurance is energy based foods and electrolytes.

Will Infinergii make you stronger?

Infinergii’s mode of action is not in making you “stronger”, but how much of your strength you can use. The simplest way to put this, is everyone has good and bad days in their performance; even though their body is about the same strength. The difference with Infinergii is exactly that. You will perform better, and get better results with the same physical strength.

What if Infinergii gives me too much energy?

Infinergii is broken up into 4 capsules per dose. If Infinergii is too strong, first reduce the dose to 1 capsule, and if that is too strong try take a quarter or half dose as some do. This works perfectly fine too.

Should I try Infinergii on the day of the competition?

Most likely no. Any time you change your physiology, using a new breathing technique, supplement, or even mindset. All preparation techniques need to be practiced in addition to the actual sport prior to the actual game day.

Is Infinergii only for sports?

No. It is for anyone that wants enhanced energy, flow, and control. It actually offers a lot of other benefits such as enhanced verbal communication skills, recall, cognition, which can be used in many areas of life. We would like to encourage you to experiment with new areas of your life you can improve with Infinergii.

How do I get Longevii?

Firstly, we must hit the $100k goal, then we will start promoting Longevii. At that time, we will send a notice out to anyone interested and let them know that the Longevii kickstart is available. If you note that you want Longevii as a reward, and the stretch goal is not hit, we will simply ask you for a second choice.

Do I have to take Longevii every day?

You don’t have to, but you can. This is in contrast to our other products which are meant to be taken in cycles.

Is it safe to take Longevii every day?

Yes. Each of the ingredients in Longevii doesn’t require cycling unlike the other products. Longevii is safe to take day after day and get great results.

What is the difference between Longevii and Thriiv?

Even though their purpose (better more clear thinking, with long term healing of the mind) is similar, they act completely different. Whereas Thriiv is primarily designed for more powerful cognitive boosting effects, Longevii is designed for long term permanent healing. An important note is that Longevii is completely caffeine free and the effects will take days or weeks to be in full effect, whereas Thriiv takes minutes.

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